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Each Section meets one night per week during school terms (Queensland State Schools). The Sections do not meet during school holidays.

  • Term 1 2017 - Monday 23 January to Friday 31 March (10 weeks)
  • Term 2 2017 - Monday 18 April to Friday 23 June (10 weeks)
  • Term 3 2017 - Monday 10 July to Friday 15 September (10 weeks)
  • Term 4 2017 - Tuesday 03 October to Friday 08 December (10 weeks)

Parents and/or guardians are requested to have their youth member at the Den 5 to 10 minutes prior to opening parade, to allow for the night to commence on time. If parents or guardians wish to speak with a Leader, please arrive early to allow enough time.

The Leaders will endeavour to complete the night on time, however sometimes this may not be possible, due to such factors as badge presentations, or the distribution of information and forms for upcoming events.

All youth members must be signed in at the beginning of a meeting night, and signed out again at the end. This procedure must be completed by all parents and/or guardians, and allows for all members to be accounted for in the event of an emergency (see the Emergency Evacuation section below for further information).

All youth members are requested to bring a water bottle to each meeting night, as this minimises a dirty kitchen!

Cub Scouts and Scouts may find that they are the Duty Six or Duty Patrol for a meeting night; this may require the youth members to sweep the floors and clean the kitchen prior to leaving. Venturer Scouts and Joey Scout Leaders are required to place our wheelie bins out for collection.

Camps & Outings

Camping is an entrenched historical component of Scouting. Camps can be 2 to 3 days in length, or up to 14 days for a Jamboree or similar major event. The cost of attending a camp is based on a number of factors, including length of camp, travel distance and activities being conducted. The Section Leaders will provide these costs prior to each camp.

Camping can include such activites as water-based activities, bush walking and hiking, or static camps where youth members learn about cooking, bush survival skills or construction. The possibilities are endless. Scouts Queensland also operates the Scout Air Activities Centre.

Outings for our younger youth members can include visits to local museums, fire, ambulance and police stations, the Scout Air Activities Centre, local zoos, or activity based days at BP Park (Joey Scout Jaunt).

Complaints Policy

The Group endeavours to ensure that Scouting is a positive experience for its youth members, their parents and/or guardians, and our volunteer Leaders and Supporters. However, it is inevitable that on occasion, concerns may arise that require clarification or investigation.

Complaints may arise that require a more formal investigation and response. Scouts Queensland has a fair and open process for dealing with complaints raised by members and non-members that directly affect them or their children in Scouting.

Please click here for a copy of the Group's Complaints Policy. (PDF 220KB - Current as at 09 May 2016)

This Policy reflects Scouts Queensland's Complaint Resolution Procedure (QBSI Section 3.10 Version 5 08/2015).

Contact Details

Parents and/or guardians are requested to provide and maintain their current contact details to the Group. Our Group Leader is required to update these details on the Scout Membership System (SMS). This ensures that all messages, newsletters etc. are received in a timely manner.

Hard copies of correspondence are also available should families not have access to an email address.

Current contact details also assist Section Leaders should an emergency arise and family contact is required.

To email our Group Leader with updated details, please click here: (Update to Contact Details)

The Group uses an email database program called MailChimp. This program provides greater security of personal email addresses, and allows the Group to tailor emails to either the entire Group or individual Sections. Parents and/or guardians are requested to add any emails from this system to their 'safe senders' list.

Den Maintenance

The Group conducts a number of maintenance days at the Den per year. These are a great opportunity for parents and/or guardians to assist in the general upkeep and cleaning of the Den. The Group is always looking for parents and/or guardians that have a particular trade or business that may be in a position to assist. This allows the Group to keep maintenance costs to a minimum whilst supporting local businesses.

Maintenance days are organised by the Executive Committee, with volunteer assistance sought via email when required.

Emergency Evacuation

The Building Fire Safety Regulation 2008 requires organisations to carry out an evacuation exercise at least once a year. Our Group is required to conduct and record these exercises for review by the Gold Coast City Council, Scouts Queensland and Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES).

Parents and/or guardians are requested to familiarise themselves and their child on the Den Evacuation Plan and Map (situated at every exit point from the Den).

Youth members may advise parents and/or guardians that an evacuation exercise has been conducted. Parents and/or guardians are requested to provide positive reinforcement and an understanding of these practices, which will result in a safe and effective evacuation of the Den should an emergency arise.


The Group uses Facebook as its primary source of social media interaction. Here you will find photos and summaries of recent events, group history, and any upcoming event details. Ashmore Scout Group adheres to Scouts Queensland's Social Media Policy (QBSI Section 4.3)

Please click here to access the Group's Facebook Page, or click on the Facebook image.


The Group appreciates all forms of feedback to assist in the advancement of Scouting. Any correspondence will be treated in strict confidence.

Please E-mail our Group Leader:


All Youth Members are required to contribute to their Scouting experience through the payment of two seperate fees (marked with the ).

Annual Association Registration: Scouts Queensland require each youth member, young adult, leader and adult supporter to be registered, and place a membership fee (also known as a registration fee) per person covering one year. They include all world scouting and national association fees which includes the levy for the eLearning system. These fees are due by the 15th of March of each year, and are to be paid into the Group Account.

Renewal Fees (For existing Members - 01 April 2017 to 31 March 2018) - Current as at 22 December 2016:

Youth Member Number 1

Youth Member Number 2 (same family)

3rd & subsequent Youth Members (same family)

Please note: The family concession is only available on the renewal of annual membership fee for the second, third and subsequent registered financial youth members. In calculating eligibility for the family concession Adult Members, Rover Scouts and Youth Helpers who are not youth members in a section are not included.

The Group Treasurer will distribute invoices in Term 1 detailing fee deadlines and payment options. Please note the Group's banking details if paying by direct deposit. These details are different from the individual section's banking details.

Enrolment Fees (For new Members) - Current as at 22 December 2016:

New Youth Members will be required to pay an enrolment fee, consisting of a joining and membership fee. The fee payable is calculated from the date which is indicated on the A5 form in the field titled 'Date commenced with Group'. Scouts Queensland will also be continuing with the policy which allows for a full refund of the Membership Fee for a Youth Member who withdraws from the Movement within six (6) weeks of joining. The application for a refund must be made in writing to Queensland Scout Centre within one (1) month of the Youth Member leaving.

July 2017

August 2017

September 2017

October 2017

November 2017

December 2017

January 2018

February 2018

March 2018

The Group allows advance payments on Scouts Queensland's annual youth membership fees. Payment methods are direct deposit, cash or cheque.

Further information is available from our Branch Membership Advance Payment Policy (PDF 493KB - Current as at 16 July 2014).

Section Fees - Current as at 01 July 2016: (Paid regardless of whether the youth member or young adult attends every meeting night or not)

Subs - $4.00 per week: For each Section to purchase provisions and consumables.

Levy - $4.00 per week: For Group expenses including local Council rates, electricity and water, leader training, registration, insurances, equipment maintenance & purchases, and Den maintenance and purchases.

Section fees are set at the Annual Report Presentation. Please speak with your individual Section Leader as to their preferred method of payment.

Parents and / or guardians are encouraged to pay all Section-based payments via direct deposit into their Section account.
Section account details are available from our Section Leaders or our Group Leader.

Please note that all Scout Troop payments must be conducted via direct deposit.

Enrolment / Membership Fees are to be kept seperate from Section Fees, as they are paid into different accounts.

Any parent and/or guardian experiencing financial hardship is to contact our Group Leader: All correspondence will be dealt with in the strictest of confidence.


The Ashmore Scout Group is committed to maintaining a low financial cost to parents and guardians. The Group actively raises funds through a number of events per year:

Monthly sausage sizzles held at Dodgers Touch Football Car Boot Sale, Cos Zantiotis Park, Labrador.
(Cnr Olsen Avenue and Jacob Drive)

Sausage sizzles held at Bunnings, Woolworths, Harvey Norman stores and Bellevue Park State School's Big Fun Bash.

Gold Coast Community Fund

Funds raised through these events assist the Group in areas such as den maintenance and equipment upgrades, and may also be distributed for youth members or young adults attending major events such as Cuborees, Jamborees, Ventures or Rover Moots. Major events are those organised at a State, National or International level.

Funds are distributed according to the direct input from the youth member, young adult or their parent or guardian; are non-transferable, and are held in trust by the Group until required by the youth member, young adult or their siblings. If a youth member in the course of their Scouting transfers to another Scout Group and is still to attend a major event, funds raised by the youth member will be paid to the major event on their behalf. These funds will be held within our major event account and made available when payments are due to the event organisers. In the event of cancellation of attendance these funds will be returned to the Ashmore Scout Group and used at the discretion of the Group Leader.

Further information is available from the Group's Fundraising Policy (PDF 221KB - Current as at 27 May 2015) and the Group's Dodger's BBQ Fundraising Policy (PDF 216KB - Current as at 01 June 2014).

Cadbury Chocolates: 50% of sales goes directly towards the youth member's balance within the Group's Special Event Account. For further information, E-mail our Fundraising Co-Ordinator:

IGA Community Chest: The Group is participating in IGA's Community Chest, through Drake's IGA Ashmore City. Simply swipe your bar-coded keyring during each purchase! Keyrings are available from our Group Leader:

Get Started

The Queensland Government provides a Get Started voucher which enables funding to help children participate in sport and recreation. Certain elegibility criteria apply. Further information is also available from our Section Leaders or Group Leader.

Parents and/or Guardians are required to apply for a QGrant Account prior to accessing these vouchers. Scouts Queensland allow these vouchers to be used for association fees, which includes membership / registration fees and weekly subs / levy.

Round 9 voucher applications have closed. All vouchers must be presented to the Group prior to the 12th of May 2017.

Round 10 applications open on the 12th of July 2017.

Group Polo Shirts

These shirts are for wearing at camps, fundraising activities or similar events where the Scout uniform may not be appropriate. Group shirts will also be worn by non-uniform Adult Helpers to assist in identification. These shirts are subsidised by the Group, and are not compulsory. An information sheet with sizings has been placed on the noticeboard in front of the Leader's Room. Our size guide is also available for download. See your Section leaders for further information.

Cost is $20.00 per Shirt. Please Note: Section Leaders will not accept payment for these shirts.

All ordering and payments are currently through our Group Leader:

New Members

New members are requested to E-mail our Group Leader prior to attending a meeting night:

Information for new Youth Members: (obtained from Queensland Branch Scouting Instructions - Current as at October 2016)

The enrolment of Youth Members into the Scout Movement is achieved by the completion of a Youth Member Registration Form and the payment of the appropriate fee. The Youth Member's membership and insurance commences on the date of this application.

Section Leaders shall obtain a completed Youth Member Registration Form prior to the youth attending Section meetings and forward it to the Branch Support Office via the Group Leader without delay. In the event that the youth decides not to pursue membership, provided it is within six weeks of joining, the parents and/or guardians can apply to the Branch Support Office in writing for a refund of membership fees.

Forms are available from Leaders or Adult Helpers, or by download: Youth Member Registration Form (PDF 1.3MB - Form current as at January 2017).

Parents and/or guardians are encouraged to download and complete this form on their computer (editable PDF).

New Members will also be required to complete a Publicity Authorisation Form, please see our Privacy Sub-Section below.

Parents and/or Guardians of new youth members may be required to sit down with the Section Leader to assist in the completion of our on-line database entry form. This process is expected to take 5-10 minutes.

Non Member Participation:

Where a person who is not a registered member participates in any aspect of the Youth Program, they are required to complete a Non-Member Activity Release and Indemnity Form. This form is for a one (1) off section night only and is not to be used on multiple occasions. The Section Leader should retain this with the program that the person participated in. This form should not be used in lieu of signing up a youth member for the initial six (6) weeks where a refund can still be sought.

Forms are available from Leaders or Adult Helpers, or by download Non Member Activity Advice (PDF 148KB - Form current as at March 2015)


The Group produces one newsletter per Term, and one Christmas Newsletter each year, featuring youth member achievements, upcoming Section and Group events, and youth member contributions.

Contributions from Section Leaders and youth members are required at the commencement of each Term. Newsletters can be accessed from our Newsletters page.

Non-Return & Transfer Policy

The Group is required to confirm youth member and leader's attendance for the following twelve month period; this is required by Scouts Queensland by midnight on the 31st of March.

The Group requires that any persons not returning to Scouting to contact both the Group Leader and their relevant Section Leaders by the 1st of March to advise of their non-return. The Group Leader will liaise directly with Section Leaders, and will make contact with parents / guardians from the 1st of March to confirm these details.

The Group Leader will use all methods available to make contact, including phone calls, text messages or email.

If parents and/or guardians do not reply, it will be taken that the youth member is not returning. The youth member will be removed from the Scout Membership System (SMS). If the youth member wishes to return to Scouting, they will be required to pay the enrolment fee and membership fee.

This policy ensures that the Group is not imposed any extra registration fees from Scouts Queensland for youth members no longer in attendance. This allows the Group to maintain its low financial cost to parents and/or guardians.

Any youth member wishing to transfer between Groups is to advise the Group Leader and their relevant Section Leaders in a timely manner. All transfers will also be concluded before the 31st of March. All parents and/or guardians are required to maintain current contact details with the Group.

This policy is available for download: Non-Return and Transfer Policy (PDF 100KB - Current as at 04 March 2014)

Out of Bounds Areas

The rear of the Den and rear of the Quartermaster's Store are out of bounds to all youth members. This is due to a number of obstacles in these areas including our rubbish bins, stormwater drainage pits and a number of large trees. These areas have limited lighting for night activities.

The Den's kitchen is also out of bounds to all youth members, unless under the direct supervision of a Leader.

Parent's Information Book

The Group provides a Parent's Information Book, which contains valuable Scouting information, including Leader's contact details and Badge Placement Diagrams.

If printing, please note that this resource is 25 pages in length. Current update: January 2017

This book is available for download: Parent's Information Book (PDF 1.2MB)

Personal Safety

Scouts Queensland imposes a strict policy in dealing with bullying and personal safety. The Ashmore Scout Group firmly supports this policy, and will not tolerate bullying, abusive or disruptive behaviour in any form. For the benefit of the majority, youth members or young adults engaging in this type of behaviour will be removed from the Group.

In the event of this behaviour being identified, parents and/or guardians will be requested to remove their youth member regardless of location. This may include when the youth member is camping, or participating in an activity away from our Den.

Scouts Queensland: Personal Safety Policy

Scouts Queensland: Child Protection Policy and Procedures


Scouts Queensland respects the privacy of its members and places great importance on the personal information it may hold. This policy also extends to all forms of media, social media and web-based information sources. Parents and/or guardians of youth members are required to provide written permission before any image is used, with images only used to promote Scouting and the Ashmore Scout Group.

Our Group Leader will provide a Publicity Authorisation Form (PDF 114KB - Form current as at October 2015) to the parents and/or guardians of each new youth member upon joining the Group. Forms are also available from Leaders or Adult Helpers on meeting nights.

The Ashmore Scout Group respects that some parents and/or guardians may not provide authorisation for their youth member's image to be used. Any concerns in this regard are to be raised with our Group Leader. All correspondence will be treated in the strictest of confidence.


Youth members, young adults and Leaders are required to attend in full uniform, which includes section specific shirt, belt, scarf, woggle and enclosed shoes (unless otherwise advised for individual meetings). Uniform requirements are available from the Scouts Queensland website.

Badge placement diagrams (PDF Format) are provided by Scouts Queensland on this linked page. Diagrams are also available in our Parent's Information Book, or from the uniform sub-section within each Section page on this website.

Parents and/or guardians are required to purchase a uniform shirt and belt prior to their youth member being invested.

Current uniform prices and available sizes are listed within the Section pages.

Prices are current as at 26 March 2016. These prices are subject to change; please confirm current pricing prior to ordering.

All uniform items are available from The Scout Shop. Please consult with your Section Leader prior to ordering, as Sections may have shirts and/or belts in stock.

Scarves, woggles, shirt badges and Record Books are provided from Section funds upon investiture.

Parents and/or guardians will be required to replace any of these items at their own expense if lost or damaged.

From Scouts Queensland: The style of clothing to be worn below the waist should be tailored slacks or skirt; however, the colour requirement is that these garments for all official occasions and functions should be sandstone.

These occasions are defined as: Awards Ceremonies e.g. Queen Scout's, BP Awards, Leader Awards etc.; Government House; ANZAC Day; Any public event; Jamborees, Moots, Ventures etc.; Interstate and overseas travel; Youth Forums and National Youth Council.

Navy blue, grey slacks, knee length shorts or skirts may be worn for Group meetings. Neat, practical footwear is to be worn. Individual choice of black or brown shoes; boots or joggers.

All Members should dress appropriately for the type of activity in which they are participating.

Should you have any questions, or require clarification of any matter, please E-mail our Group Leader:

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